A new approach for new recruits ONBOARDING

With bob, onboarding is outside the box. New starters can get a feel for the business before the first day nerves kick in. bob’s super-efficient onboarding tool cuts down on admin. bob puts the organisation into orientation.

Automatic onboarding with My Tasks TASKS

From IT equipment to welcome drinks and a happy new face: it’s all on order before their first day. By using bob’s automated tasks function, you’ll watch your new starter get orientated in the most efficient way ever.

The inside track on company culture CULTURE AND CLUBS

Newbie, meet culture. bob’s clubs feature is informative, useful and very nice to look at. New starters can find out that they’re one of a dozen cyclists, one of five mums, or the only person in the company keeping the ancient art of macrame alive. You can even get people from those clubs to email and introduce themselves before the newcomer arrives.

Super-efficient work, superhero style ONBOARDING ADMIN

If there was an admin superhero, bob would be it. New starters deal with the data before they join, and arrive feeling part of the team. Providing personal info, reading policy docs, meeting their colleagues – it’s all sorted. No form filling, no spreadsheets, no hassle.