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How to get managers to engage their teams (and lighten your onboarding load)


Onboarding from home comes with a new set of growing pains for new hires and HR alike. However, hiring must continue.

When you’re still recruiting for positions across teams, hiring managers end-up carrying part of the responsibility…on top of everything else they are dealing with. Creating an amazing onboarding experience probably isn’t the top priority right now—or within their scope. 

On April 1 at 3 pm GMT, join us for a webinar with communication coach Frankie Kemp.
Frankie helps teams and individuals become powerful, effective communicators and will be revealing how to help managers engage your new hires from day one. 

We’ll also be joined by Andrew Bardsley, People & Culture Programme Manager at hypergrowth Fintech Modulr. He’ll kick off the discussion by sharing how he’s worked with managers to overcome current remote onboarding challenges. 

You’ll leave the session with a pathway to…

  • Identify what motivates different managers, teams, and individuals
  • Delegate onboarding and engagement responsibilities to line managers and department heads
  • Teach your managers how to be better people coaches 


About Frankie Kemp

HR is often brought in to put out the fires that other people start. Frankie knows what you’re dealing with. She’s spent her life coaching people get their point across confidently and become better managers and communicators.

Frankie performs and teaches drama, is an award-winning storyteller and internationally published writer.  Her book ‘How Technical Experts Become Powerful Presenters’ has been downloaded 50,000 times. Additionally, she’s a keynote speaker at conferences such as the Institute of Directors and The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Frankie rolls together techniques from theatre and psychology, with teams and individuals from companies such as BBC, Wella, Viacom, The British Medical Association, Addaction, Lloyds of London, The Institute of Mechanical Engineering and City University.

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