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5 ways to use bob to manage your remote team


We’re creating the future of work.

Companies are being forced to adapt to a fully-distributed model, keeping teams engaged and productive with miles, and sometimes time zones, between them. And this isn’t a temporary shift: our actions now have a permanent impact on company cultures of the future.

From day one, Hibob’s mission has been twofold: to help HR attract, excite, and retain talent while providing senior leadership the data they need to run a fast-growing company. 

On March 26 at 10 A.M. EST, join us for a webinar with our product expert Alyson Sturgess. She’ll be sharing tips for:

  • Using bob to unify and stabilize your people
  • Building a rewarding remote culture for the long-term 
  • Staying connected with remote employees globally
  • Maintaining meaningful inter-team relationships
  • Onboarding new employees remotely
  • Managing time and attendance for employees 
  • …and so much more


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