using real time data INFORMED DECISIONS

With bob, there’s no need for rushed decisions or assumptions. Automated analysis and reporting plus all your data in one central place equals efficiency, every time.

the powerful (and beautiful) way to tap into your culture TEAM CULTURE

Get valuable information on what makes your people tick with clubs. From airfix to zumba: see what your teams are most passionate about and make informed decisions about benefits too.

time to see what matters TIME LOG

Tracking projects and seeing where your profits are just became clearer.
With Time Log, you can track hours by project and know what’s billable and where your profit lies. With bob, understanding your business is as easy as falling off a (time) log.

to match your culture EMPLOYEE BENEFITS

bob allows all your staff to see, understand and engage with their benefits. That means your benefit budget is well spent, staff are well cared for and you? Well, with bob, you’ll be well chuffed.

let bob take the admin strain Auto-enrolment

Whether you are looking for simple compliance or to make the most of pensions as part of your benefits package, bob can help. From data access and analysis, to legal compliance and auto-enrolment staging dates.

efficient absence management FUSS-FREE TIME OFF

With bob, everything is always organised. Manage your various absence policies, request and authorise time off, and get a great overview of who’s in and out of the business. Less stress, less paper, more trees.

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