Zooz gives merchants a single, centralized open payments platform that allows them to connect to multiple payment providers, consolidate and harmonize payments data, and then analyze it for smarter data-based decisions. So far Zooz has rescued $60M in failed transactions and fees. Zooz was acquired by PayU, a fintech that provides financial solutions for local and cross-border merchants in emerging markets, in 2018.

Founded in
Tel Aviv
What they do
In a nutshell
Zooz is an open payments platform allowing merchants to manage and optimize their global payments, and multiple providers, through one platform


What they do

The challenge

Zooz’s Head of People was looking for a more efficient way to manage people data. She wanted all the key information and insights for making good decisions in a single, easy-to-access space. She was particularly looking for a people management system that they could adapt to the company’s changing needs, as opposed to the other way around.

Our solution

bob provided data capture, automation, and storage technology that allowed Zooz to move away from manually capturing things like appraisal data in Word or Google Sheets. Features like club view, surveys, and shoutouts are also helping bring colleagues closer together and making company-wide communications much more seamless.

“We’ve worked closely with Bob to shape the system to our needs. Lately, we’ve begun to focus on revolutionizing our review process, which needed to be 100% personalized.”
Lilit HagemeierHead of PeopleZooz
Zooz’s workflow integrations

The results

  • Zooz has reinvented its appraisal process to capture and consider more continuous feedback.
  • bob’s automation and rich data have allowed Zooz to tailor people management decisions, ideas, and activities to different team members.
  • With bob, people management processes are becoming quicker, more efficient, and transparent. With one click of the keyboard, the Head of People can get the data she needs.
  • Features like club view are enhancing communication between colleagues. And managers are using this personalized information to tailor their decisions to each individual.