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Property development, hospitality, and management group
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Founded in 2008, Bricks Capital is a fresh, modern real estate group overseeing student accommodation, hotel, and residential projects across the UK.

Centralizing culture in one communication hub

Seven months ago, Bricks Capital had no HRIS in place. All HR data was stored in spreadsheets; from their people directory to paid time off. And frustratingly, working in multiple documents meant things could easily get lost. Bricks Capital’s newly-hired Talent Acquisition Manager came in and built the entire HR function from scratch, with a big focus on improving the communications and organization of the business.

The challenge

The first task was to find an HRIS. But, while typical platforms were great for automating admin, Bricks Captial’s HR department found they were too corporate for their modern brand. As Bricks Capital grew and opened up new properties across the UK, communication became harder to stay on top of. So they needed a tool that would not only take care of their HR admin but would centralize their culture as they grew as a business.

Our solution

Now Bricks Capital uses a creative HRIS that represents their brand, takes care of HR admin, and works as their central communication hub. And it’s organized their HR function by dividing up policies and reporting by site and department. bob has reunited the entire company, with Shoutouts, which can be sent out company-wide, by site, department, or team.

We’ve got everyone to use Shoutouts. The dev team will post to bob if the site is developing. Marketing will post blogs onto bob. We’re getting a lot more people to go onto bob lately via Shoutouts.
Bricks Captial

Bricks Capital also enjoys using bob’s survey functionality, to understand what they are doing right, and gain a clearer indicator of the physical and mental wellbeing of the company. The analytics generated from bob’s surveys are an easy, visual to present to senior leadership; increasing the business case for more people and culture initiatives.
On top of that, Bricks Capital’s HR team loves to use the bob resource center to get inspiration on how to be an even better HR leader. From downloading e-books about onboarding to attending the fun, informal HR meet-ups held by bob in Shoreditch, East London.

The results

  • Multi-site functionality creates greater visibility for all sites as Bricks Capital grow into new sites across Newcastle and the UK
  • Creative, colorful interface increases the uptake of the platform. Employees now use bob like an internal social media channel, centralizing communication
  • Data is widely accessible in all areas of the business, so they are able to improve employee wellbeing by tracking engagement in real-time

Interested in more?

We believe that successful businesses have one thing in common: good people who feel valued.
And that fast- growing modern businesses need a better way of ‘doing HR’ to attract and keep real talent.

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