Are you working from home?

We are too. The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has forced most tech employees to work from home—somewhere that, while reducing the risk of infection, raises the (significantly less dangerous) risk of distraction by children, dishes in the sink, and the extreme appeal of pajamas.

Especially for employees who don’t have space for a proper work setup in their homes, getting into the office groove is a major WFH hurdle. Would you believe us if we told you that spending more time on your phone can help?

Harness productivity with mobile apps

In this strange new world of social distancing, maintaining the physical boundaries at home that your people need to get work done is a serious challenge. But while space is in short supply today, there’s an abundance of apps that your people can access on their mobile devices to keep the lines of communication with colleagues open and collaborate more effectively. 

The ability to take calls from your cell phone is a blessing to those of us sharing workspaces with our partners, or who are itchy to take their ten-minute allotted exercise outside. Access to your teammates and documents from a device that’s probably in your hand—or at least your pocket—can turn dog walks into the most productive call sessions of your day.

Thanks to companies like Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Zoom, and Zoho, your people can quickly benefit from a more comfortable and productive work from home culture. Adapting schedules and communications to space available is a mobile-forward benefit to the remote tech stack.

WFH guide Hibob

How are your people doing? Apps as personal productivity guides

One of the most frustrating elements of the manager-employee relationship can be giving and receiving regular feedback, and working remotely doesn’t make this any easier. For teams without solidified feedback processes, WFH can turn into “working while anxiously refreshing email” quickly. This is exhausting, and if left unchecked can lead to burnout.

Taking advantage of the mobile capabilities in your tech stack can help you and your teammates stay afloat and connected while apart. Utilizing project management tools like Asana, Trello, and Airtable can giving employees feedback on projects immediately wherever they are; mind mapping tools like Miro and InVision Freehand can help employees sketch out ideas for teammates, for those brilliant ideas that always come to you when you’re not next to your computer.

Ensure quality downtime with the right apps

WFH requires that your people completely rethink how they approach each new workday. Chances are that in the office your people worked close to the standard 8-hour workday. However, the amount of distractions they must cope with and responsibilities around the homestead they must juggle means that every working minute must be maximized—and flexibility should be a given.

One study found that people could—if they stay focused—get their work done in about 5 hours per day. Another study revealed that the ideal work-to-break ratio was 52 minutes of work, followed by 17 minutes of rest. People who maintained this schedule had an exceptionally high level of focus in their work, which everyone WFH during the pandemic could need a boost of.

There’s a host of apps that cut out distractions and help your people make every minute count. Some can prevent certain websites from popping up while you work; others can gently nudge users away from unproductive digital habits. And if your remote team members want super strict restrictions, there are mobile apps that can be downloaded that aggressively prevent them from going down a rabbit hole of distractions.

Mobile apps can turn a crisis into an opportunity

The coronavirus is a worldwide health crisis. However, it’s also creating opportunities for companies to accommodate a growing desire of people to work remotely. You can help your people make a smooth transition from office work to remote work by providing them with the precise mobile apps they need to regularly self-evaluate, de-stress, and stay focused. 

We can help use mobile to transform your teams into remote-friendly operations. Our HR mobile app is still bringing you a whole lot of bob on the go, with new updates that make the remote experience all that easier and enjoyable. Our app continues to provide the same engaging experience, but with fresh capabilities: 

  • Clocked-in status: Sign into work to mark yourself as active (and see which of your coworkers are online too!)
  • Shoutouts and Kudos on the home feed: Create and post Shoutouts and Kudos, and view and react to with emojis and comments
  • People Directory: Use the Search field to find who you’re looking for by name, department, or site then view their profile and access contact details 

Giving your remote team members the mobile tools they need will help them become masters of their own time. And this ability will be of immense value when life finally returns to normal.

Download bob HR from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Learn more about how to use the app and check-in with the platform that grows people from wherever, whenever.

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From Karen Sheffer

Karen leads Hibob’s product marketing, connecting the world with what bob has to offer. She lives in Tel Aviv with her husband, two young sons, and a handful of plants she has somehow managed to keep alive.