When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) finally kicked in on May 25th I celebrated the hard work our team here at Hibob had done to make sure we were compliant. After a few days I attended an invitation-only event, co-hosted by Hibob and Comeet. The meetup featured leading experts who taught me a few things about a topic I thought I already knew everything about, GDPR.

1) Haim Ravia, Chair of the Cyber, Internet and Copyright Group, Pearl Cohen international law firm key: Haim gave a short presentation that somehow managed to cover the practical applications and consequences of the massive GDPR regulation, comprised as it is of over 245 separate sections. I liked the fact that Haim cut through all the buzz surrounding GDPR and presented a no-nonsense, clear and concise guide to the perplexed.

2) Gabi Bar-Joseph, Privacy Services Leader, Deloitte Consulting: Gabi took an interesting approach to GDPR. Instead of focusing on the regulation’s many legal aspects, he spoke specifically about what HR teams need to do to be ready for GDPR. This slide nicely sums up Gabi’s key point, that HR needs to be a full partner in every company’s drive toward GDPR compliance:

HR steps

3) Idan Adler, Tax, Audit and Assurance Innovation Department, Deloitte Consulting:
Idan spoke about the future of work and the big trends we’re all witnessing in today’s organizations. He gave an overview of Deloitte’s Talent Trends: HR Technology Disruptions for 2018. The key takeaway for me was Idan’s observation that most HR technology innovations today are coming out of HR functions. HR departments are thinking more creatively and pushing vendors to adapt to new management models. Many are demanding vendor solutions that are more team-centric, intelligent, easy to use and development-focused.

4) Israel on the map: The final part of this awesome event was the Israel HR tech map, below, which displayed over 70 startups in various stages of development. Israeli-based HR managers can build on some of the great innovations in the country’s hi tech space and implement needed changes to the way work is done. Of course, privacy issues and GDPR compliance must always be kept in mind when putting new performance management practices into place.

Israel HR Tech Tree Map

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this summary as much as I enjoyed the actual meet up!

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From Sharon Argov

Sharon, VP of Growth at Hibob, is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in B2B marketing. Prior to Hibob, she served as the Marketing Director at 888 holdings. In addition, Sharon ran her own boutique marketing agency and was the CEO and Founder of Fundbird, a unique online platform that assists small UK businesses with funding solutions (acquired). In her free time, Sharon likes to watch documentaries and explore the cultural scene of Tel Aviv.