Hi! Welcome to bob.

Here’s five quick things that our customers say they love about bob and that can help you make the most of the tool:

    1. Everything is in one place
      No complicated spreadsheets lost in servers – all your information is held securely in the cloud for easy access, wherever you are.
    2. Visible culture
      People aren’t just numbers locked in cells, locked in spreadsheets. Culture is everything in business. You don’t just join a company, you join a set of clubs – like the bike club, or the mum club, or the yoga club.
    3. Simple reporting
      Every month you produce the same reports and it can take hours. That’s nuts! With bob your regular reports are updated in real time and you can download them with just one click.
    4. Never chase a paper form again
      No more printing, scanning and sending for you or your people. They can access and digitally sign contracts and forms, so you have them straight away.
    5. It looks great!
      All the information is simply and beautifully laid out. Which is nice because generally, if people like the way it looks, they’re more likely to use it.

Can’t wait to start? Let’s hop in!

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From Tamsin Fox-Davies

Tamsin Fox-Davies is the Small Business Evangelist at bob (www.hibob.com), and spends her time sharing ideas & best practice around SME HR & HRTech. You can find her on Twitter (@tamsinfd), at her desk, or curled up on the sofa with one of her four dogs and a mug of hot chocolate.