Today we lift our head above water…

To be honest I was quite enjoying ‘stealth mode’. It forgives lots of sins, and ‘flies under the radar’, you could say – but no, now is the time to lift our head above the water and begin to tell our story. …or rather to tease our story in our shiny new blog. 

How it began

Last summer four of us got together with a simple vision to use technology to sort all the huge pains and inefficiencies that exist around the management of people (i.e. HR) in modern businesses.

We spoke to lots of different people in different businesses, did lots of research, and found out that there was a huge opportunity to create an amazing brand that would help millions of businesses – and in our first ever meeting we called it bob: simple, human, easy, and a name you wouldn’t forget.

We tried to kill him and we couldn’t, and every time we talked to our potential customers they laughed and said they loved it. We tried to make it an acronym, but that just felt too cheesy.

So we’re bob, just bob. Like the guy next door who lends you a spare pump, or the friendly chap at the bank.

We tried to put a Z in front of him and behind him Zbob, bobZ… but that didn’t work either. But we did add ‘hi’ to make This was not in our original plan but much more efficient in the domain name purchasing game (which is a nightmare, by the way, and perhaps a story for another day).

We then put all of our thinking into a slide deck and persuaded some very kind VCs (venture capitalists) that this was an opportunity worth investing in.

Where we are now

Six months later, we find ourselves with offices in London and Tel Aviv, with 32 incredibly talented and lovely people, and a product that is ‘stealthily’ being used and loved by nearly 100 customers.

We’re getting excited!!

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From Andy Bellass

Andy Bellass is Co-Founder and CMO at hibob, and has more than 25 years of experience in strategic brand building. He has helped define, shape and launch some of the world’s biggest and most innovative brands, including the likes of Coca-Cola and Spotify. He’s a former Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at Splendid Communications, Strategy Director at creative hotshop Mother and prior to setting up hibob, Andy spent several years advising VCs and startups in Silicon Valley and Israel. He lives in London with his wife, two children and eight bikes. Read more from Andy Bellass here.