With the six nations rugby tournament kicking off this weekend – the beauty of teamwork is about to be praised, scathed and critiqued by every media outlet and every armchair commentator across all six of those nations involved.

And all of those opinions (professional and otherwise) will have one common factor –  teamwork is essential to success!

So what can corporate teams learn from the world-class players out there representing their countries?

The truth is – high performing sports teams use all the same tactics that we know we should be using at work – they are just much better as putting them into practice.

Let’s remind ourselves of the essential qualities all teams need to succeed. These are the same principles applied to sports teams, emergency service teams, military teams, education teams and any other team you can think of:

But knowing what makes a great team and finding the right way to put those qualities into practice, are two very different things.

So here are three quick tips to help you get your team’s up and running – and keep them on track:

1. Huddle (or should we say scrum?)

A quick and frequent team gathering not only forms an effective part of your team communication – but it is the perfect chance to ask your team if the ongoing communication is clear and ensure everyone is playing the same game!

Use this opportunity to ask if roles and goals are still structured and clear, has anything changed? And – if you are brave enough – ask how they think you are doing. Could your performance improve?!

2. Get social (visit the clubhouse)

Arranging regular social interactions with your team outside of the office (even if it is just for a coffee) bonds them together, motivates them and shows that you appreciate their work. It also offers a ‘safe’ outside environment for people to raise any issues that they don’t want to make a big deal out of – but could prove to be a real obstacle in the future

3. Let everyone hold the red flags – not just the ‘inspirational leader’

Each person in your team will be bringing a unique skill set – make sure they feel comfortable enough to flag when things aren’t working or when they are being asked to do something that they know won’t have the desired effect. The only way this works is if the leader (and the rest of the team) are willing and able to listen to each team member with complete respect

Hibob has a really unique, easy to use ‘teams’ feature that has been proven to add real value to businesses, especially when used alongside bob’s ‘goals’ feature. If you are struggling to keep your team on track, or want to make an excellent team even better – it’s definitely worth taking a look at these. 

Play on players!

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From Katie O'Leary

Katie Heads up the UK Marketing at Hibob and has been working in B2B Marketing for both start up and corporate brands over the last 12 years. Katie is a firm believer in using creativity and communication to get brands noticed and champions great marketing as an essential part of the business strategy.