Hibob has been listed as one of the top 50 Most Promising Startups on Calcalist!  

The list identifies up-and-coming startups in the Israeli high-tech space, and we’re incredibly proud to have been recognized as a fast-growing company that is successfully making a name for itself as an industry disruptor. Hibob is consistently exceeding upmarket as we meet the needs of high-growth companies engaging their people and developing their culture. We remain fully dedicated to the future of work that is heavily influenced by younger generations entering the workforce, and are honored to be named as a promising solution that helps businesses attract, retain, and develop their valued employees.

Calcalist isn’t the only publication to coin Hibob as an industry disruptor. We’re equally thrilled to be mentioned on HRWins Report as one of its top three “Startups To Watch.” The list awards Hibob as a top contender in the HR software market landscape for middle-sized businesses.

We’re scaling globally at a rapid pace, and feel confident as we storm into the US market with newly-minted recognition from HRWins Report and Calcalist under our belt. Acknowledgments from both publications reflect the global influence that Hibob, and our platform bob, has from inside the Israeli startup community, and demonstrates our thriving strength and developing credibility across the expansive HR technology space.

“Words cannot describe how it feels to be named one of ‘Israel’s 50 Most Promising Startups’ by Calcalist alongside other global companies that have a noticeable worldwide impact on the tech industry,” said Ronni Zehavi, co-founder and CEO of Hibob. “Additionally, being recognized by HRWins Report as one of their leading ‘Startups To Watch’ in the HR space illustrates the reputation that we have built as an innovator and disruptor in an ever-evolving industry. ”

To add to the excitement, Josh Bersin, global HR leader, praised Hibob in a recently published report, “From Talent Management To Talent Experience. Why The HR Tech Market Is In Disruption.” Berson highlights bob as the employee experience platform designed to make the world of work better, crediting us as the solution to an outdated HR industry. He also took the opportunity to comment further on Hibob, as it was featured in the most recent issue of Deloitte Catalyst’s Future of Work Tech (Emerging Landscape in Israel) as its Startup Spotlight.

Bersin stated, “One of the more innovative new core HCM platforms is a product called bob, from a fast-growing company called Hibob. bob is designed a management platform first and HR platform second, so its entire design is focused on what information managers, employees, and executives need.”

As we continue to make great strides towards building the future of work and developing people, we at Hibob also look forward to the revived HR world to come, as well as the lasting effect that bob will have on growth and company culture.

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From Sharon Argov

Sharon, VP of Growth at Hibob, is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in B2B marketing. Prior to Hibob, she served as the Marketing Director at 888 holdings. In addition, Sharon ran her own boutique marketing agency and was the CEO and Founder of Fundbird, a unique online platform that assists small UK businesses with funding solutions (acquired). In her free time, Sharon likes to watch documentaries and explore the cultural scene of Tel Aviv.