Building diverse and inclusive teams is a challenge for all scaling companies. Building diversity and inclusion processes across multiple sites is even harder.

While companies employing HR leaders may already be working with HR systems supporting multiple sites, that’s not necessarily true for smaller organizations. The lack of flexibility and personalization that are unfortunate hallmarks of traditional HR solutions make it nearly impossible for growing companies to support multiple sites—and multiple cultures.

The new, globalized world of work needs tools that transcend borders. We need multi-time-zone calendars, workflows built to engage remote workers, customizable communications, and practices that adhere to localized laws and regulations. We need bob.

Why? Let’s go into how bob, as a global and digital platform, supports:

  • Remote teams by region
  • Location-specific best practices
  • Cultural engagement

Remote work by region

The HR problem: How do you manage a distributed team?

Managing workers and contractors across sites and borders requires a customizable system suited to different time zones, sites, or divisions, and that acknowledges multiples out of office policies and public holidays.

Traditional HR solutions can’t be personalized to this extent, and lack the ability to recognize current events within several separate site calendars. This one-dimensional approach to HR can negatively impact employees outside of the HQ.

For example, when time zones can’t be customized, sites may be invited to meetings and receive messages outside of working hours. These simple mistakes can cause problems with HR and management, as they can make employees feel left out of the larger organizational loop or obligated to be on-call. 

The solution: Every company site deserves a customized dashboard view of information relevant to the area they work in. bob is 100% customizable in this regard, offering the option to host multiple holiday calendars across several time zones alongside personalized dashboards for different sites, departments, or other specified groups.

Best practices by region

The problem: How do you acknowledge multiple cultures, traditions, and legal standards within one company?

For multinational (or even just multi-site) organizations, every office will have its own “personality” based on local culture, traditions, and mannerisms. “Old school” HR solutions distribute or share irrelevant information that may be inappropriate or even violates local policies, benefits, and legislation to all of your company’s sites at once. Legal and cultural best practices must be followed according to the site region to avoid illegal sharing of details to persons outside of a certain country or across a foreign border. 

The solution: Announcements and updates should be allocated to any HR leader’s region of choice depending on best practice requirements and obligations. That’s why bob allows its HR professionals to easily customize those announcements and updates for local laws or best practices using its dashboard, Shoutouts, Kudos, and Org Chart features.

Engagement by region

The problem: How do you engage remote and freelance workers in (traditionally IRL-based) company culture?

Remote workers and freelancers shouldn’t be left out of your company But, with traditional HR solutions, they feel disengaged and excluded from company culture. Physical distance, especially from one’s place of work, can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, resulting in a drastic decrease in productivity and cross-collaboration. Those working from remote locations still want to get to know their coworkers and team leaders, while feeling part of something bigger. 

The solution: bob curates and ignites a positive company culture using its hobbies and superpowers features, as well as thoroughly personalized profiles. Your people also have the option to send polls in Shoutouts and company-wide or site-wide message updates.  
HR solutions should meet the needs of scaling companies with diverse people. The goal is to be as inclusive as possible, using advanced technology and any features available that make flexibility possible and easy to exercise. With bob, you can count on individual newsfeeds with local office and country information, relevant key statistics, and company news that keep your tribes connected to the workplace and your culture.

Zoe Haimovitch

From Zoe Haimovitch

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