Content and marketing personas allow a department to expand on a variety of expertise levels that could otherwise get lost in the noise of multiple topics that need to be covered within relevant materials. Whether a marketer is writing for the company blog, putting together a client guide or checklist, or crafting a thought leadership for C-level executives, it’s important that each subject being detailed is met the care and accuracy it deserves. 

Our “bobified” personas, exemplified and rooted in Josh Bersin’s original versions related to the HR space, allow each member of the marketing department to take on an area of expertise that particularly interests them, and can be compounded with fresh ideas and new thoughts or angles that allow us to lead the space we impact:  

The Scale Strategist:  

Has a deep understanding of what it takes to scale a company; finding solutions to business-based problems, the factors and aspects that both cause and influence them, and knows how to holistically approach them without causing amongst management, departments, or clients. Can identify the root cause of a problem – whether it’s with the product, the way it is marketed, or funding requirements not being fulfilled. 

The People Analytics Person: 

Has a deep understanding of ONA and people analytics; this includes network and data hubs, data-driven approaches to managing people, gauging and rectifying employee turnover, and costs related to turnover. This persona has a clear comprehension of using HR analytics to assist or aid in retention, productivity, and happiness rates at the company. 

The Culture Curator/Creator: 

Connecting the business side of the company to the social side; by utilizing transparent communication, relationship-building, promoting influencers’ status via hub analysis, and advocating for purposeful or meaningful perks that include employee recognition, fun days, milestone celebration, etc. Culture creators generally have a sense of empathy or know how to relate to people, and can enforce work-life balance by instating PTO policies, sick days, and jelling outside achievement with in-office congratulations. 

The Growth Guru:  

Knows how to guide and give advice regarding professional growth and development for all people in a company; aids in recruitment and retention, performance evaluations, long term goal setting, onboarding and offboarding, and org chart management. Works on keeping people connected to the company, product, or service they are working with, as well as colleagues and teammates who permeate their development in the workplace. 

The Organizational Goal Getter:  

Approaches challenges and opportunities to reach new business milestones or integrate ideas into workflows and processes; supporting teams to reach their goals, plans initiatives and objectives that motivate people to sustain productivity, meets the general or overall needs of the company by caterings to smaller hubs or networks (stabilizing the foundation of a business).  

Each persona has been pulled from daily life and practices at Hibob, where we prioritize transparency, culture, and productivity that suits each and every one of our people. By taking on these personas across the department, audiences can feel catered to and represented when it comes to their primary interests or a topic of choice they love reading about. Actionable insights presented by a persona will be even more effective to readers soaking all the information in, as well, allowing them to further grow as a professional in the modern workforce. 

As an innovative product that allows us, our clients, and HR professionals to make holistic and data-driven decisions regarding their employees, we recognize the importance of paying close attention and emphasizing each component of the personas above to inform in every area possible. The future of work is a broad landscape to cultivate, and we need to tend to each field as best we can. 

Stephanie Stevens

From Stephanie Stevens

Stephanie is Content Marketer at Hibob. She has a background in Clinical Psychology and Crisis Management, and enjoys abstract painting and watching horror films in her spare time. She believes that people can connect with themselves, their peers, and the world around them through creative writing, helping them foster a deeper sense of self and their life goals in the process.