We’re back with our monthly coverage report and this time, we’re breaking down the best August headlines. Looking back on the final month of the Summer, we’re elated to see that our latest survey via Pollfish swam its way onto quite a few top tier publications, with repeating contributions on outlets like Forbes and Fast Company. Our CEO, Ronni Zehavi, commented alongside this month’s survey results further explaining what companies can do aid recruitment strategy and job offer acceptance. Hint: it starts with a company’s best asset – it’s people.

Forbes (108M): Our most recent survey showed that 69% of candidates reconsider a job offer if current employees look burnt-out. The results were featured on Forbes in The Secrets To Keeping Employees Engaged And Productive, where opportunities for growth, flexibility, and creating a strong culture were highlighted as factors that potential hires assess: 

“Turns out, a high salary isn’t enough to attract or retain employees. In today’s competitive job market, companies have to go above and beyond to create and maintain a work environment that keeps people engaged, happy and productive. A recent survey conducted by Hibob showed that 69% of job candidates will reconsider an offer if current employees do not seem happy in their roles.”

Financial Times (22.5M): Ronni  chatted with Financial Times about those small but special office perks that make a big difference to your people when trying to get acquainted with their new home away from home in Pinball, fizzy water and helium balloons: why small office perks loom large: 

“At Hibob, one such ‘people management platform’, whose software helps staff with shared hobbies organise clubs, CEO Ronni Zehavi says companies are having to adjust to experience-loving young workers who expect their offices to live up to the comforts of home.” 

Elite Daily (17.3M): Flirting with a colleague got you feeling guilty? Dana Matalon Goren, Hibob CCO, shared her expertise on office dating and how to handle it properly without risking your job on Elite Daily in the poppy piece called Is Dating A Coworker OK? It’s Complicated, So Here’s What You Need To Know. 

“While falling for a colleague may seem only natural, says Dana Goren, head of human resources at HR tech company Hibob. “It is important to be cautious when entering this type of relationship. [You do not want to put your job in jeopardy, so it is best to thoroughly review each policy, and it can even be helpful to talk to managers or HR team members if the policies are not clearly spelled out.]” 

Fast Company (14.3M): Dana also stopped by Fast Company this month in How to dress for every stage of your career, offering advice on dressing to impress at every professional milestone you cross. Whether you’re entry-level, newly promoted, or just switched career paths, our in-house fashionista suggests: 

“Even if you are productive and a high achiever, looking disheveled or inappropriate can undermine your credibility and cause others to doubt your abilities,” says Goren. “If you work directly with clients, take care that you’re dressing in a way that’s appropriate to meet with them, as their office dress code may differ from yours.” 

TechRepublic (12.5M): Hibob hopped onto TechRepublic in Culture over salary: How to win top talent in a modern workforce. Our survey results were featured and explained in-depth with Ronni’s accompanying expertise on keeping your people happy with the added aim of drawing in new recruits in for the long haul: 

“Poor culture and employee dissatisfaction are driving away more than two-thirds of candidates. In order to thrive in today’s quitting economy, companies must create workplace experiences designed to retain today’s workforce by promoting a clear work/life balance. While popular trends in perks have come and gone, culture and opportunity are key drivers of employee happiness and support collaboration and productivity.”

Wedding Wire (4.4M): Hibob broke into the bridal world this month on Wedding Wire in a piece named Starting a New Job While Wedding Planning: How to Make it Work. Ronni gave his insights on how to best delegate responsibilities to friends and family while transitioning into a new role and trying to plan the perfect party: 

“Consider setting up a ‘family email’ account that you and your partner and anyone else involved in the planning process can access. ‘This will help share the burden of planning so you can focus on starting your new job,’ says Ronni Zehavi, workplace and HR expert and CEO of Hibob. ‘If you aren’t comfortable sharing an email address, be sure to contact wedding vendors through a private email address.’”

Business News Daily (2.6M): In Business News Daily’s feature Unhappy Employees Affect Hiring Efforts, Hibob’s survey results were discussed in full length and included the benefits and perks that most job candidates search or negotiate for when navigating today’s competitive labor market: 

“A good work-life balance is just as important to job seekers as it is to existing employees. They said the amount of vacation time offered (45%) and the potential commute distance (35%) were important considerations in evaluating a company.”

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