Welcome to our monthly news corner, where Hibob just ended June on a high note! We’re beaming with excitement as we reflect on the latest highlights, mentions, and features we get to share with our clients and followers. Last month, we had the pleasure of distributing research results and practiced insights that offer actionable tips for companies retaining talent and growing their culture. 

Our people-focused survey was referenced by some of the biggest outlets in the business and our CEO, Ronni Zehavi, made a splash across multiple publications with his expert opinions on onboarding, the quitting economy, and approaching the candidacy market. Check out the complete coverage listing here (in case you missed it!): 

Forbes (108M): Hibob’s survey results were released to readers on Forbes in the piece 64% Of New Hires Will Leave Their Jobs Because of This Experience. Cited are our newly revealed statistics that identify the downside of an unpleasant onboarding experience and what HR can do to transform theirs. Ronni wrapped up the piece nicely by sharing his expertise on the quitting economy: 

“The quitting economy is a serious issue facing businesses across the United States, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. One of the best ways to combat this issue is by taking charge of company culture, and rethinking how HR strategies can protect businesses while keeping employees happy…”

Forbes (the second time!): We landed on Forbes again a couple weeks later, consulted for The One Thing You Should Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer. Shelcy V. Joseph spoke with Ronni to get his tips on getting the best sense of a company culture before accepting an offer: 

“Before taking the job you’re interested in, see what other companies are offering in terms of benefits, perks, and salary. Many companies are going beyond standard perks, offering benefits like employee meal plans, college tuition reimbursement and pet insurance,” said Ronni.

Forbes (third time’s a charm!): In total, Hibob was featured on Forbes three times last month! For this piece, Shelcy spoke with Ronni in Should You Discuss Politics At Work? about navigating office politics in the modern world of work: 

“If you’re talking about the political calendar or what’s ahead, it’s important to stay informed. Every employee will likely encounter political chatter, whether it’s at the water cooler or used as small talk to kick off a meeting. People can feel free to discuss upcoming debates and predictions of who they think will ‘win’ without delving into specific on their viewpoints.”

NY Post (98M): Bill Leys, Hibob’s Head of North American Sales, gave his valuable insight on role-based seating in open spaces to NY Post in Rethinking the Workspace can do Wonders for Office Productivity: 

“They can pick up tricks and tips by observing each other. We all make mistakes and put our foot in our mouth now and then, but here it’s not about the individual. It’s about the team. Making calls in front of your co-workers is a good thing.” 

Bloomberg (74.7M): In Perks of Work: The Ultimate Pet Project, Bloomberg boldly reported that “new hires hate the old bait-and-switch” and referred to Hibob’s survey as a supporting revelation with a few of their favorite results: 

Fast Company (14.3M): Our CCO and VP Human Resources, Dana Goren, spoke to Fast Company for a compelling piece called How to Tell if a Job Candidate is Lying. She explained how important it is to check for inconsistencies on résumés, LinkedIn profiles, and through personal connections: 

“Most people are connected with previous colleagues on LinkedIn, and are therefore unlikely to put false information on their public page. Consider looking at the start and end dates for previous roles in both places to make sure they match up,” she said. Dana also suggested asking a colleague for a second opinion, “don’t share your suspicions to avoid bias and ask them strategically what they think of the interviewee. If you have to engage in this step, your gut is probably telling you that something fishy is going on.”

The Motley Fool (21.4M): In You Might Lose New Hires Quickly if You Fall Down in This Key Area, The Motley Fool grabbed the chance to mention Hibob’s survey results as well, noting that companies who are looking to transform their onboarding process should consider that 38% of employees feel most welcome in a new role when they start with a group of other new hires. 

Did you get a kick out of all that great coverage? Well, it doesn’t stop there! Check out more bob in the news as seen on more publications: 

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Each month, Hibob sets its sights on different avenues and channels that allow us to lend our insights and interesting tips to the global HR community. Our goal is to reach out to people leaders of all genres: HR professionals, C-suites, department managers, and more! We’re here to help them grow company cultures and their employees, as we head into the future of the modern workplace together. 

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