We’re truly thankful for November coverage! As we (impatiently) await the holiday festivities to take over the office, we’re looking back at the primary topics that made it into the news under and alongside the Hibob name last month. 

Annual performance reviews were front row and center with expert insight from #bobbers who know what it takes to get and give good feedback. That’s not all, though. November also shined a spotlight on the employee experience, with recruitment and onboarding as the best practice trends to be rebranded in 2020. 

Forbes (119M): In It’s Performance Review Season—Here’s What You Need To Know, Ali Fazal, Senior Director of Marketing at Hibob, shared his valuable insight on those few, key things you should consider before walking into an annual review: 

“If raises do come up in your review but your raise is less than you had hoped for, try not to relate that number to how you’re perceived at work. ‘Separate the concept of a raise with your worth to the business,’ says Ali. Companies are complex and there are many different factors that go into your raise, some of which may be beyond your manager’s control.” 

TechTarget (10M): We landed another commentary by Ali in As politics heat up, so do hiring bias worries on HR-centric software outlet, TechTarget. This time, Ali offers the publication his input on managing office politics chatter through collaboration tools and messaging platforms: 

“‘Some employers allow political discussions, as well as the sharing of other interests and hobbies, to occur in collaboration tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams,’ Fazal said. Employers are aware of the conversations and ‘can take action to mitigate any conflicts that may arise.’”

Fortune (5.6M): Ali also provided his best tips and tricks for anyone concerned about feedback sessions in 3 Strategies to Ace Your Annual Performance Review. He tells Forbes that self-awareness is crucial and that employees should prepare themselves prior to the process by looking over their own milestones and accomplishments: 

“‘I ask them to bring a list of the three things they did best in the past year, and the three things they want to improve,’ he says. ‘I also ask people to tell me their goals for the year ahead,’ he adds, which could be anything from getting a new title to launching a new product. ‘If you send your boss all this information in advance, it gives him or her a chance to think about it before talking with you, so there are fewer surprises.’” 

Recruiter (261K): We’re back on Recruiter.com with a piece by Hibob CCO, Dana Matalon Goren, entitled For a Better Employee Experience, It’s Time to Rebrand HR. Dana lends her expert opinion on the role of HR, the importance of company culture, and the impact one has on the other: 

“HR and people leaders are now notably responsible for fun days and off-site events, social connections between employees, and staff inclusion. The trouble is 70 percent of employees believe HR can do a better job fostering a positive company culture, according to a survey conducted by my company, Hibob. At a time when culture may be more important to recruitment and retention than ever, employees feel HR teams are ineffective. What’s the problem, and how can we fix it?” 

HRDive (157K): Over on HRDive, our recent survey results – regarding what drives job candidates to accept an offer at a new company – were featured in Nearly half of US workers plan to job hunt in the next year:  

“In fact, a majority of job hunters who discovered that a companies’ employees were over-loaded with work, burned-out and generally unhappy would reject a job offer from that company, a survey from Hibob revealed earlier this year; salary mattered less to applicants in those situations.” 

Small Business Edge: In Is Your Employee Onboarding Experience Lacking? on Small Business Edge, further Hibob survey results were featured in favor of bettering the onboarding process for new hires looking to be engaged socially and professionally at their place of work: 

“Most (64%) new hires are less likely to stay at a job after a negative onboarding experience, according to a new study from  Hibob, an HR tech platform. This is especially important information for small businesses as the hiring market continues to be competitive, with 40% of employees expected to quit their jobs this year.” 

DiversityQ: CEO of Hibob, Ronni Zehavi, is live on DiversityQ with an original article titled How HR can practically improve inclusivity using data. Ronni explains how people analytics is a driving factor behind inclusive workplace culture, and how it can be better utilized: 

“Catering to an inclusive company culture requires companies to harness relationship or people analytics that connects social patterns across the workplace. Analysing this data and implementing it with the purpose of increasing inclusivity will likely propel productivity, drive performance, and unlock innovation that improves the employee experience.”

Each month, Hibob sets its sights on different avenues and channels that allow us to lend our insights and interesting tips to the global HR community. Our goal is to reach out to people leaders of all genres: HR professionals, C-suites, department managers, and more! We’re here to help them grow company cultures and their employees, as we head into the future of the modern workplace together.

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