Welcome back to our monthly coverage report where we catch you up on Hibob in the news! You may have been busy lighting sparklers, hosting cookouts, or lounging next to the pool (we don’t blame you one bit), so now’s the time to share the latest and greatest online text that highlights bob. We received several features and mentions that help us shed light on the always-evolving modern world of work. 

July was a fun month of press with published thought leadership articles from our resident industry experts: CEO Ronni Zehavi, CCO Dana Matalon Goren, and UK Managing Director Joel Farrow. We also landed back on Forbes and were featured on Inc.com. Here’s our complete listing that will take you through July’s insights on beating the Summer slump, retaining post-grad talent, and preventing burnout syndrome: 

Inc.com (19M): Hibob was featured on Inc.com in How to Prevent Bad Onboarding So Great Hires Don’t Leave You, quoting our CEO, Ronni Zehavi, on onboarding’s important place in long term employee retention. The article also cited our recent national survey results that assessed the needs of approximately 1,000 workers across the United States: 

“A negative or inaccurate first impression can damage someone’s perceptions from day one [and make them feel like they aren’t a fit],” says Ronni Zehavi, Hibob’s CEO, “[so] it’s key to treat onboarding like the beginning of any significant relationship.”  

Forbes (108M): In Feeling The Summer Slump At Work? our CCO, Dana Goren, shared her hot tips with Forbes on what it takes to keep your people motivated and productive during the summer season:  

“If you work on a laptop, try moving to a different area of the office, or take a quick break to get a cup of coffee or drink of water. Creativity and inspiration often stem from having more than one perspective, and sometimes a change of scenery is enough to make you feel rejuvenated and get you ready to jump back into your work with a renewed sense of energy.”  

Amex Open Forum (80M): In an opportunity to express the need for prolonged workplace inclusivity, Hibob appeared on American Express’ Open Forum, in 6 Ways LGBTQIA Inclusion Makes Your Company More Competitive. In June, Hibob shared how inclusivity can be a year-round initiative. Ronni reiterated to American Express: 

“HR leaders can turn sensitivity training into a form of diversity coaching that offers a curriculum that surpasses the standard ‘harassment is wrong, don’t do it’ instruction,” says Zehavi. “The goal is to create a sense of compassion in your workplace that lasts long-term,” he says. 

ITProPortal (660K): Joel Farrow, UK Managing Director at Hibob, was featured on ITProPortal for his thought leadership piece The predictive art of retention – using data to keep your people. Joel discusses the need for people analytics and how it directly affects workplace success: 

“Making a connection early and understanding an employee’s motivations as they progress through a business is reliant on valuable data. But it’s one thing to gather this data and another to analyze and act on these insights effectively. If executed well, businesses can use the results to take a data-driven approach to people-related decisions.”

HR Daily Advisor (667K): In an extensive thought piece on HR Daily Advisor entitled How High-Growth Companies Can Compete with Big Brands to Attract and Retain Talent, Ronni explains how startups can attract candidates in today’s tight labor market: 

“High-growth companies are those trying to compete for these young jobseekers, mainly up against larger conglomerates that have the brand name to draw them in organically and with optional perks. Right now, top talent is a scarce commodity; 82% of companies don’t believe they recruit highly talented employees, and for those that do, just 7% think they can retain them.” 

Recruiter.com (385K): Dana’s thought leadership article Burnout Is Now an Official Diagnosis — and Your Company Cannot Afford to Ignore It was featured on Recruiter.com in an effort to raise awareness surrounding mental health in the workplace. She shares her knowledge on burnout syndrome’s current classification and how employers can combat the issue in the workplace: 

“…only a third of employees say their supervisors encourage them to use their PTO, while only 11 percent say they are encouraged to take mental health days. [78 percent of employees said they had to work longer hours to get a promotion. It’s not enough to understand burnout and identify it in your employees.] Organizations must help those affected regain their well-being, while also taking steps to prevent burnout in the first place.” 

HR Technologist (126K): We announced our new Kudos and Employee Lifecycle Feedback features in Hibob Unveils New Features to Help Companies Take a Holistic Approach to Employee Experiences. Our latest additions to bob product continue to prioritize people and the events that make their lives and work so meaningful: 

“With the concept of a work/life balance becoming more fluid and as the line between someone’s personal life and work-life begins to blur, companies must look at their employees as individuals with different personalities and hobbies rather than one of the larger group.”

HR Technologist (again!): We were especially excited to announce the onboarding of David Sussely, Hibob’s new Chief Financial Officer. HR Technologist covered the news in a feature that expressed our enthusiasm in welcoming David to the company: 

“Hibob is taking the HR technology industry by storm, and I am excited to play a role in the company’s continued accomplishments,” said David Sussely, Chief Financial Officer at Hibob. “I look forward to bringing my years of financial experience with international SaaS companies to my new role as CFO, and intend to build on Hibob’s success to best serve the company’s broadening list of diverse, global clients.”

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Each month, Hibob sets its sights on different avenues and channels that allow us to lend our insights and interesting tips to the global HR community. Our goal is to reach out to people leaders of all genres: HR professionals, C-suites, department managers, and more! We’re here to help them grow company cultures and their employees, as we head into the future of the modern workplace together.

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