We’re back with our monthly coverage report and we’re breaking down our favorite February headlines. Looking back at the month of love has us reflecting on mental health in the workplace and politics in the office. Our CEO, Ronni Zehavi, had two thought leadership pieces published on top UK publications, and Senior Director of Marketing Ali Fazal landed on top-tier outlets in the United States. Read on to learn more about February’s best coverage and how Hibob is making a name for itself in the new world of work… that keeps on changing.  

USA Today (126M): Ali shared his thoughts with USA Today in State of the Union 2020: Should you talk about politics and Trump at the office? He discussed office politics chatter and how it can affect workplace vibes during the upcoming (not to mention, heated) election season: 

“That generational divide can intensify workplace conflicts spawned by political differences that many workers view as deeply personal, Fazal says, centering on subjects such as LGBTQ and women’s rights, abortion and racial discrimination.

‘People are close to a breaking point,’ Fazal says. Office spats over politics, he says, ‘can fracture working relationships.’”  

*The piece was syndicated in over 50 publications which include Yahoo! News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Finance UK, Thrive Global, MSN, and Grater Baton Rouge Business Report

Forbes (108M): Ali also landed on Forbes, sharing expert insight on being the new kid at work in Moving Over And Up? Here’s How To Fit In At Your New Job. He explains how to understand your new company’s hierarchy and how to navigate an unfamiliar org chart: 

“‘One of the major aspects of a new job is understanding and getting a feel for the dynamic and culture of the team,’ says Ali Fazal, Senior Director at Hibob in New York City. ‘The hardest thing about starting a new job is figuring out where you are in this new ecosystem amidst so much tribal knowledge. Figuring out who reports to who and who’s responsible for which cultural initiatives and who to email when you need something can quickly become a full-time job if they don’t have a system to help.’”  

ITProPortal (402K): Ronni is live on ITProPortal with a piece entitled Staying ahead in the UK’s race for tech talent. Our CEO answers the question, “How can businesses tackle the digital skills gap and get ahead in the tech talent race?”: 

“As the tech industry continues to fuel the expanding job market, the pressure on businesses to hire the best and brightest talent will only increase. To survive and succeed in this competitive environment, organisations are required to focus on delivering a personalised and positive employee experience. Through adopting a modern, holistic approach, using data to build a detailed and actionable picture of the entire workplace, business leaders can begin to really understand the workforce and their needs.”  

Employer News: Ronni’s second thought leadership piece of the month is live on Employer News, titled How to proactively build a mentally healthy workforce. He discusses how to spot red flags in your people’s performance and what to do once you have a mental health crisis to deal with: 

“A crucial action for employers aiming to support their workforce is to look out for red-flags signaling poor mental health and wellbeing amongst employees. These can range from lateness and an increase in sick days to an unwillingness to socialise, changes in appearance and a decrease in quality of work and productivity. By spotting these signs early-on, employers will be able to offer pre-emptive and preventative care through solutions such as counseling, as well as help staff members to recognise and address the state of their own mental wellbeing.”  

Each month, Hibob sets its sights on different avenues and channels that allow us to lend our insights and interesting tips to the global HR community. Our goal is to reach out to people leaders of all genres: HR professionals, C-suites, department managers, and more! We’re here to help them grow company cultures and their employees, as we head into the future of the modern workplace together. 

Stephanie Stevens

From Stephanie Stevens

Stephanie is Content Marketer at Hibob. She has a background in Clinical Psychology and Crisis Management, and enjoys abstract painting and watching horror films in her spare time. She believes that people can connect with themselves, their peers, and the world around them through creative writing, helping them foster a deeper sense of self and their life goals in the process.