It’s the most wonderful time of the month! We’re celebrating a great year of coverage at Hibob and we ended 2019 on a strong note. From data surveys and original op-eds to insightful commentaries by our C-level Executives, it appears that media in the New Year is off to a great start. 

This time around you’ll notice 2020 trends taking center stage, with thought leadership pieces and expert commentary by our own Hibob CEO, Ronni Zehavi. That’s not all we covered, though. Annual performance reviews were touched upon, while our holiday survey results were a hit, educating the workforce masses on what your people are really up to on the clock during the festive season. 

Fast Company (10M): Our CEO, Ronni Zehavi,  explains how little things can make or break your annual performance review in his published piece, Three things you should never do in a performance review—and what to do instead, on Fast Company: 

“Goal-setting is now a major component of the review process. Management and HR are likely to delve into the current station of your career path and inquire as to where you’re headed or at the very least, where you would like to be in the future.” 

Ladders (3.2M): We landed on Ladders with Ronni’s key insight into the New Year’s recruitment strategies in 8 hiring trends for 2020. Our CEO spoke out on workplace diversity and how it’s really shaping hiring trends this coming year: 

“Zehavi says in 2019, companies started putting culture first, and in 2020, they’ll only become more focused on this part of working. How come? It’s estimated 77% of people rate culture as ‘extremely important’, and 64% of employees admitted they are less likely to stay at a job after a negative onboarding experience.” 

Ladders […twice] (3.2M): We took another step up Ladders last month with our latest survey results featured in The true working habits of employees during the holidays: 

“Workplace website Hibob found that workers in the office are often thinking about holly-jolly times, with more than 70% of workers admitting to spending their work time on personal holiday shopping. Perhaps that number is a byproduct of more than half (56%) of workers planning to either work part-time or full-time during the winter season.” 

Ladders [… three times!] (3.2M): Our CMO, Rhiannon Staples, rounded out December with our third appearance on Ladders, sharing her expert opinion on the new world of work in 10 ways the workplace has changed since 2010:

“‘Reflecting back on 2010 and what the economic circumstances were versus where we are at today, the competition for talent was very different in 2010 than as we enter 2020,’ [said Rhiannon Staples]. ‘It really is on businesses to help develop an environment, a culture, and perks that really draw the best talent in the market,’ Staples said.” 

Bloomberg Law (600K): bob’s holiday survey results are featured on Bloomberg Law in an informative piece, Perks of Work: Creature Comfort Fans Lack Benefits Clout: 

“HR provider Hibob asked 1,000 employees how holidays affect their regular routine and what management does to spice things up. A supermajority of the respondents (76%) said their offices look “festive” during the holiday season. Over two-thirds (68%) appreciate that the company hosts some sort of holiday party.” 

HR Dive (124K): In Even as employees shop on the clock, employers can help them focus on HR Dive, our most recent survey highlights the holiday distractions and behavior of people at work: 

“Most employees (70%) responding to a recent Hibob survey said they shop online at work during the holidays. Another third are distracted during the season, according to the Dec. 12 report. Hibob suggested businesses use these weeks to offer support to staff. Employers can offer special events that boost morale this time of year, for example.” 

Human Resources Online (178K): Our survey results were also highlighted on Human Resources Online in Bizarre HR: 70% of employees spend time at work doing their holiday shopping with supporting commentary from Ronni

“Ronni Zehavi, CEO of Hibob, commented: ‘Employees are very likely to judge a company’s culture based on how leadership approaches this season, which gives managers and HR teams an opportunity to shine. Embrace flexibility and acknowledge that your team has other things on their mind, so be realistic with your goals and plan ahead to ensure no one individual feels they have to take on the burden of the holidays.’”  

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Each month, Hibob sets its sights on different avenues and channels that allow us to lend our insights and interesting tips to the global HR community. Our goal is to reach out to people leaders of all genres: HR professionals, C-suites, department managers, and more! We’re here to help them grow company cultures and their employees, as we head into the future of the modern workplace together.

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