Hannington Morgan joined Hibob last year as a data operations intern, and impressed us so much that he was promoted to Implementation Manager in just three months!

Last week I interviewed Hann to find out how he got that promotion, what he’s learned along the way, and what he makes of our culture here in the Hibob London office.

Hey Hann, thanks for joining me! So before we learn more about your transition into Customer Success, I’d love to hear a bit more about your internship which got you into that role.  What did you do on a day-to-day basis?

As a Data Operations Intern, my role was to merge and enrich incomplete data within our CRM database, Salesforce.

Every day, Michal (Head of Sales and Marketing Operations) would send over reports filled with new accounts for me to sort, update and cleanse. The aim was to make the sales peoples’ lives as easy and efficient as possible.

Although the methods in my internship were fairly straightforward, Michal took the time to explain how hibob works from an operational and strategic perspective.  This made my role far more motivating, as I knew where data I cleansed went, and how it got used.

Michal’s work ethic is impressive, and I loved the way she provided metrics and goals. As I cleansed the corrupted data, I saw the problems in front of us. And with her instructions, I solved them. It was satisfying!

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Clearly, you left a great first impression: can you tell me how you made the transition into CS as an implementation manager?

I went for lunch with the CS team way back in December, and we got onto the conversation of what I wanted to do in my career. They offered me ‘a day with CS’ so after that, I had the idea in the back of my mind.

I got to know the team, and played some football with our CS Director Manraj, who’s awesome. His enthusiasm in the product and where it could go definitely influences me. I think it changes the dynamic in the sense that I’m looking to set myself goals and looking to see where I could do that bit extra, rather than being pushed. Which makes for a motivating environment.

Anyway, he told me they were interviewing for an implementation manager post, and here I am!

So humble, haha. 🙂 How have you applied the skills gained from your internship to your present role?

From a practical level, the internship made computer skills, excel and tech admin become second nature. This has made helping our clients import all their HR data into Bob so much easier!

But more importantly, now I feel like I understand both the inner workings of the organisation and the wider aims of the business – all the way from our data ops to sales, marketing and now to CS. It’s quite motivating to see the grand perspective.

What I’m getting to know now is Hibob the platform itself.  As an implementation manager, one of my jobs is to teach the HR managers how to use the platform. We make a timeline for Hibob to go live in 90 days, to make sure they use it in the best possible way and love it from the very beginning. In my demo account, I’ve given the employees Game of Thrones names which has made it a bit more fun!

Love that. And finally, what do you think about the office culture at Hibob?

This is my first time working in a fast-growing scale up. As a company of 140 with around 40 in the Shoreditch office, the size and location is perfect. Everyone’s very friendly and people really believe in the company. I love the team spirit.

I noticed that as long as everyone’s meeting their numbers or doing their job, there’s so much more freedom here. I also feel encouraged to ask questions to different departments within the business, so I can make more informed, independent decisions for myself.

I love knowing we’re all driven towards the same goal and moving in the same direction.

It’s more of a movement!

Right on! Great job so far, and thanks for joining me Hann.  We’re so lucky to have you onboard! 🙂

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From Verity Raphael

Verity Raphael is a Senior Marketing Executive based in the London office. Since graduating with a Masters in English, she has progressed from sales to marketing at Hibob: helping the European People and Talent community feel more valued and connected to their company and colleagues. Outside of work, her passions include modernist literature, underground music, Scandinavian design, positive people and art galleries.