It’s that time again! The holiday season is officially upon us, starting with the big Thanksgiving weekend to kick it off. Your teams might be struggling to finish their Q4 projects and plan for 2020 while simultaneously salivating about cranberry sauce and pumpkin desserts. Not to mention planning for Black Friday shopping! Combat the hunger pains by motivating your people to do their best with recognition initiatives that show them how much you truly care. 

Feast on these top tips for rocking their Thanksgiving holiday at work:

Pass the gravy

Pay it forward to your favorite coworkers! Holidays are the ideal time to show gratitude via Kudos and Shoutouts. Let your people know how much they’re appreciated for going the extra mile. HR leaders know that recognition is extremely valuable for employee motivation and retention. After all, there’s no better feeling than leaving the office for a long holiday weekend feeling proud (and recognized) for your accomplishments. Managers should be grateful AF and let their top talent know that they’re irreplaceable. 


Ignite the spark on your holiday festivities by getting your work tribe together. Whether it’s a group activity in or outside of the office, team bonding does wonders for morale. Bring your #rideorpies together for a potluck dinner, pie baking contest, or even an ugly sweater party! Enlist the help of your trusty HR partners to brainstorm and execute innovative ideas, regardless of budget. These company traditions ignite a sense of belonging that can be replicated again and again!

Let the gourd times roll 

Finally, keep the office festive but also know when to take a much-needed break to encourage work/life harmony! The holidays are a time for family, friends, and relaxation. Give your people time to decompress by cutting the cord on company communication over the holiday weekend. The goal is to have your people come back refreshed and energized (until the next holiday, that is). So set your status to ‘Away’ and lead by example to avoid serious burnout. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder…

The winter blues and time away from the office don’t have to mean a dip in productivity. Recognition efforts, group activities, and healthy breaks are just some of the ways to keep your people thankful. Stay tuned throughout the holiday season for bright ideas on how HR can keep encouraging employee motivation and focus. 

Nora Stark

From Nora Stark

Nora is Product Marketing Manager at Hibob. She brings her background in psychology and passion for storytelling to her role. Often confused with the Starks from the North, Nora is also on a mission to travel and explore other cultures. An avid reader and podcast listener, she can be found discussing the latest pop culture news around the office. Nora is thrilled to discover where the future of work is headed through bob.