As the strategic partnerships lead at Hibob, I had the privilege of being invited to speak on stage at this year’s amazing Microsoft Ignite. This event is the main frontier of innovation and tech. I spoke about our vision and how our component with Microsoft Graph Toolkit plays into that vision.

Our platform, bob, was built four years ago with a mission to help fast-growing companies to attract, excite, and retain their top talent. We are moving quickly and are always looking for ways to enhance our people management solution. From our perspective, the future of HR and work is all about the employee experience and the interactions between employees and their teammates within their ‘work tribes.’ Employees are spending more and more of their time in collaboration tools. Over 95% of respondents in one Harvard Business Review study cited digital social tools at work as useful for communication and productivity purposes.

Microsoft Graph Toolkit

In a competitive SaaS market, it’s all about shipping quality products fast. Microsoft Graph Toolkit is an example of an efficient developer tool that helps us achieve this goal. In line with our belief that the ultimate experience is in the natural flow of work, we want to meet each individual where they choose to spend their time. In this case, we have given the end-user access to any call to action and will further power that experience with insights from Microsoft Graph in bob. 

Today, using the Toolkit, we have taken Microsoft Office Tasks and Agendas and plugged them both right into the homepage of our platform. This process allows for users to create components in a matter of minutes as opposed to weeks or even months of dev time. In true bob style, we beautifully designed the component so that it seamlessly blends into our own platform UI. We were able to customize the look and feel, colors, and typography very easily. The integration added great value in a very short amount of time.

Hibob & Microsoft

We see an enormous correlation between employee engagement, productivity, and employee retention where next-generation technology empowers the employees, line managers, executives, and of course, HR. 

All in all, Microsoft Ignite was an extremely interesting experience. It was interesting to engage in conversations with the more technical IT and developer teams in attendance because in the past we mostly worked solely with the HR team. To best generate value in bob for this audience, we decided to focus more on process automation and end-user experience through bob. We communicated how bob can help the HR and IT teams collaborate on organization-wide processes such as onboarding and offboarding. We also emphasized how smooth it is for the IT team to manage their employee’s data in one shared single source of truth. 

As most of these more technical employees generally tend to live in their collaboration tools, specifically, Microsoft teams, we stressed the value of performing their HR calls to action in their flow of work to increase productivity. Powering this added functionality with employee data from Microsoft Graphs makes our tools even more efficient by analyzing each employee’s work ‘tribe’. Employees executing certain functions, such as requesting PTO or sending out a Kudos announcement, will benefit greatly from this data as the system will automatically recommend the people who they most often collaborate with. 

This is only the beginning. The sky’s the limit when bob and Microsoft combine forces, powered by Graph Toolkit! A big thanks to both the Hibob and Microsoft development and integrations teams for their great work. Stay tuned because we have many more Microsoft X Hibob collaborations coming out soon! 

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From Raz Nimrodi

Raz Nimrodi manages Business Development and Operations for Hibob in North America. He moved to NYC from Tel Aviv almost two years ago and has been working at Hibob for a year. In his free time, he loves to bike, cook, and enjoy the outdoors.