Metrics that matter: what does career path ratio mean?

Here are a few things we know about talent management: Recruiting is expensiveReplacing employees is expensiveHiring senior talent is very expensive And here are some things we know about retention: Increased retention is correlated with increased profitabilityLow retention is a warning sign of toxic culturePromoting from within promotes engagement and retention Hiring from within is a proven engagement-boosting, retention-increasing, cost-cutting practice. From the moment an employee is hired, their manager should be invested in their positive trajectory, helping them grow not only as a professional but within their role to…

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Defining cultural safety

Culture is more than happy hours and touch football: it’s the “it” factor, that feeling you get from the team and managers. Cultural safety is the basis of that; without developing cultural safety, there is no company culture. The concept of cultural safety emerged in New Zealand during the 1980s as a framework for responding to unequal access to health services by indigenous Māori people. As defined by indigenous rights leaders at the time, culturally-safe practices recognize and respect the identities of others and meet their needs, rights, and expectations.…

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HR Research and Data Hibob

Hibob’s research
data-based thought leadership in 2019

The impact of onboarding A company’s onboarding process directly affects employee inclusion and retention. Our research found that 64% of employees are driven to leave a job after a bad onboarding experience. We learned that new joiners are looking for a clear, personalized process that offers organic opportunities for getting to know coworkers. (19M): How to Prevent Bad Onboarding So Great Hires Don’t Leave YouOnboarding needs to be professional, but it also needs to be human. Think about how you would feel and what you'd want in a new…

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How to Be a Great HR Leader

“U.S. companies invested $2 billion into HR technologies last year.” Technology has transformed pretty much everything about HR. With automation replacing many traditional roles and processes, HR has been freed up to concentrate on such long term, high-level tasks like data-driven analysis of people’s on the job performance and strategizing innovative ways to create an open and supportive culture of success. With the rapid pace of change that HR is experiencing, an important question to consider is: what skills do today’s HR professionals need to excel? According to thought leader…

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How to Reduce Unconscious Bias When Reviewing LGBT+ Colleagues

Pride Month kicked off this week around London with a series of concerts, parades, parties and other big events. This celebration honors LGBT+ community members and their positive influence on society.   LGBT+ rights have come a long way in recent years. But discrimination is still a part of our society and a part of the workplace. A vast body of research shows that we’re prone to favoring someone who’s similar to us. And stereotyping colleagues at work can affect recruitment, hiring, promotion, retention and evaluations.   Fortunately, we live…

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