Each January, groups of people either flock to the gym, set deadlines on milestones, or attempt to master a new hobby in the name of a resolution. The need to better ourselves is only natural, as is the desire to see ourselves grow or achieve something new that makes us feel accomplished and filled with pride. However, New Year’s resolutions can be applied to any area of your life. 

And, guess what – our #bobbers have goals, too! In fact, this bobbers know best edition is all about work goals and reaching new professional heights. Whether a resolution is centered on work-life balance, a promotion, or a customer relationship – they all matter equally! And these resolutions are what our bobbers have set for their year ahead. 

Let’s get growing 

Certain aspects of a bobber’s job motivates them to keep growing consistently and they plan on continuing to do so in 2020. Customer Success Manager, Sapir Shoshani, finds inspiration in our product, bob, and how it affects the lives of those she works with daily. She explains, “As a CSM, I have the ability to influence the product based on what I experience with my clients and their needs. I have the chance to increase their value from bob, as well as their product adoption, which I absolutely love! I enjoy experiencing how bob affects HR processes and this year, I plan to better my perception of bob’s added value to real-life and understand my client’s view of the product.” 

As a data analyst at Hibob, Sean Eckhouse leans on the information he receives daily to learn and get further acquainted with the business; “I have all the information of our leads, from the first time a potential client becomes a lead, up until they became a closed-won deal. It gives me a perspective of how a proper lead flow is supposed to perform and how we, at bob, can utilize all this data into business insights that can increase our customer influx. Those insights give me the opportunity to blossom and understand how a B2B SaaS company needs to perform.” 

New year, new challenges

New challenges can be intimidating, but it also makes for a great resolution. Alyx Gilham, People Operations Manager at Hibob London, is looking forward to tackling the company’s scale-up, stating, “Personally, for me, 2020 is all about trying to work more productively and adapt to changes. In our London office, we’ve grown a lot and we’re still growing, so we’re learning how to acclimate to new processes as we scale!” 

Daniel Malkin, Front End Developer, is all about honing in on the tech stack he will operate this year, saying “I would like to have a better and deeper understanding of certain things related to my work, for example – know how to use tools and techniques better, which might be areas that I have less experience in. I plan to do that by spending some time at home studying and during day-to-day work.” 

By the end of the year, Alyx aims to complete her CIPD qualification, an endeavor in which bob is supporting her, and Sean wants to “master SQL in order to gather and provide better business insights to bob globally.” 

Balancing act 

You’d be surprised at the lack of balance or blend employees create for themselves these days. bobbers are a bit different though and plan to make their own work-life combination in 2020 that suits them just perfectly. Daniel attempts to keep his work-life balance at a place where he feels good about it; “Actually, this is one of the reasons why I prefer not to work from home. Even during those two days where we had to work remotely when moving buildings, I worked from my boyfriend’s office. So, I think I will try to keep that balance in 2020.” 

Sapir says that her personal-life goals this year are to be healthier; “I want to exercise more and eat better. The previous year my work-life balance didn’t align with my personal needs, and I needed to make adjustments (like working out in the morning). I actually want to improve my work-life balance by achieving a new level of health, while allowing my daily tasks to help me feel like I’m improving the world and the new world of work.” 

Alyx believes that “rest is so important and I think it’s key to learn to be comfortable taking a break. I plan to do more of that in 2020! I can quite often blend work and life, but as long as that’s balanced with some proper time off, and away from notifications, I’m happy. I like having things booked in to look forward to, and then you have a goal for getting projects finished and enjoying the break.”

Our bobbers certainly know best when it comes to what they want… and what they need. Work and life, while always not blended together, can still impact the goals we wish to accomplish and the milestones we want to reach. For us, 2020 is all about balance and getting to know our greater tech stacks and tools. What’s your work resolution for the year ahead? 

Stephanie Stevens

From Stephanie Stevens

Stephanie is Content Marketer at Hibob. She has a background in Clinical Psychology and Crisis Management, and enjoys abstract painting and watching horror films in her spare time. She believes that people can connect with themselves, their peers, and the world around them through creative writing, helping them foster a deeper sense of self and their life goals in the process.