We’re killing it with integrations. At HiBob, we consider these types of partnerships to be invaluable and think it’s about time we share why. Integrations are essentially two parties joining to optimize their customer and employee experiences, while taking their technological talents to the next level. Integrations with Bob lessen manual work and human error, which produces improved accuracy and saves valuable time.  

As a high-growth business, we owe much of our success to our wide range of tech partners, integrating so we can offer more through Bob. As you can see, transforming businesses is what we do best, and we began with our enhancing own network of partners: 

Why integrate? 

Operating as a single source of truth for all things people management is a gift to Bobbers across all sites. Through Bob’s various features and our integrations, we’re able to improve the quality of data that has become a driving force behind HR decision-makers reinforcing their business and culture. Integrations advance not only individual technologies, but the partner they’re joining in API matrimony.

Integrations greatly streamline workflow. Sometimes, one system is lacking in an area where another is thriving. Each technology’s system is unique, as its functions and tailor-made capabilities have been built to suit the specific needs of a company’s target market. With Bob, one of our main missions is to accelerate workflow and make it simpler for those managing it, especially HR professionals. We feel that integrations are imperative to automating any well-rounded employee process across the board. 

Meeting employees wherever they’re located in their flow of work is essential to productivity, bringing HR, management, and employees together in a holistic view. Finding our people at their precise point of flow allows us to track progress in a timely manner and with Bob, we offer the same steady function for clients. As employees work through their module-based series of sessions, those integrated developer tools, productivity software, and team messaging platforms are running alongside each digital movement. Spotting users in their flow is beneficial to feedback and performance processes and with integrations, channels and tracking systems can elevate the level of transparency used when managing tasks. 

Have you seen Bob’s integrations?

HiBob believes that building a brighter and better future of work includes the ability to be cross-functional and advanced in modern methods of teamwork. Some of our biggest integrations have enabled us to step into the spotlight and push forward on our mission to put people first and offer a product with lasting, impactful purpose. 

There are two types of integrations you can spot amongst several of our integration partners. They are categorized as either provisioning or SSO: Provisioning is more so about robust integration, and it allows a range of triggers or actions to be facilitated between two connected systems. SSO stands for “single sign-on,” syncing separate system credentials for simpler login access and therefore, hosts its own greater security benefits to the user or client. Categorical integrations serve their own purpose, enhancing use cases within their respected sectors: 

  • ATS: Applicant tracking systems streamline candidate sourcing and recruitment, the hiring and onboarding processes, and digital admin paperwork procedures. ATS integrations with Bob automate the steps we all need to take when prioritizing the details of new hires and training employees. 
  • Directory: Directory service integrations simplify user management functions and sync smart identity details or login information between separate softwares and their accounts. When integrated with Bob, management services and solutions are accessible in one secure place or account. 
  • Collaboration: Team messaging and cross-functional collaboration heighten transparency when engaged effectively. Bob collaborative integrations offer stronger connectivity across sites regardless of location, team size, or time zone. 
  • Productivity: Productivity software produces a powerful workflow and more accurate project tracking. Our Bob to productivity integrations collects a greater overall understanding and performance measurement of progress for teams and individuals. 
  • Signatures: Electronic signatures make room for efficient new hire preparation and track electronic exchanges of contracts and other signed legal documents. Bob and DocuSign offer safe and secure signature processes without the hassle of endless paperwork. 
  • Developer Tools: Automating project management with digital developer tools allows coders and engineers, as well as their team leaders, to connect 1000+ different apps and tasks into workflows. As a result of integrating with Bob, the capacity for higher productivity levels increases and task lists are more manageable. 
  • Benefits: Benefits platforms put perks in one place, tailored to internal company preferences or employee needs. Benefits integrations with Bob manage and monitor lifestyle and compliance regulated benefits easier and according to internal process. 

What’s in it for businesses? 

Seamless team collaboration is a must at any company. The ability to communicate and cooperate across multiple sites affects almost every aspect of your high-growth business. Digital tools that act as channels of internal communication make colleagues’ interactions stronger and more meaningful as they work towards a common goal. As your most valuable asset, you want to make sure that your people feel supported and connected not just by their managers, but by each other. 

Asking for help, brainstorming, and feeding off of one another’s positive energy can be amplified through successful team collaboration – all a product of integrating with messaging platforms that could be enhanced with real-time functions, keeping everyone up to speed regardless of time zone or schedules. Promoting collaboration between teams when integrating with Bob is totally simple whether it’s bridging the departmental gaps of HR, IT, Office Managers, or Operations. 

Out of the box project management starts with relevant integration, as well. When we enable integrations through Bob, we step up as a hub that’s truly compromised of all your people data, syncing all and any information, across systems of users’ choosing. To be a focal point of data and other vital pieces of information that pertain to a project or company mission only strengthens the outcome when combined with another technology that is striving to achieve the same goal – which is to prioritize, assist, and satisfy the end-user. 

Are you getting the most out of Bob and our seamless integrations? We’re proud of our quality partners and couldn’t be more excited to show you how our integrated technologies work together to create an enjoyable employee experience. Learn more here to get started with Bob and see the complete list of our integrations… so far.

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From Stephanie Stevens

Stephanie is Content Marketer at Hibob. She has a background in Clinical Psychology and Crisis Management, and enjoys abstract painting and watching horror films in her spare time. She believes that people can connect with themselves, their peers, and the world around them through creative writing, helping them foster a deeper sense of self and their life goals in the process.