How HR can support wellbeing and mental wellness - Healthy-employees-happy-employees-Blog-post.png

How HR can support wellbeing and mental wellness

Prioritizing employee wellbeing needs to be a tenet of your culture. There. We said it.  Employee wellbeing is the mental and physical health of an employee: their stress levels, the amount of time they spend sitting, their hours, and their feeling of safety and comfort. While not all of this is within HR’s control, by integrating wellbeing support and resources into organizational culture, HR will be able to create an environment where employees and managers respect wellbeing, honor boundaries, and pursue a healthy work-life balance. HR has a wealth of…

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Hailey Wojcik BoF Hibob

Discussing productivity, furloughs, and remote engagement with HR leader Hailey Wojcik

If you’ve seen or read The Devil Wears Prada, you might think you have an idea of what fashion media looks like. Hailey Wojcik, Global Head of People at fashion media company Business of Fashion, is here to shatter that stereotype. Wojcik sat down with us to share her experiences keeping employees united during a pandemic, managing morale from a distance, and making virtual happy hours just a little less awkward. Hibob: How are you keeping your people engaged and motivated? Hailey Wojcik: We’ve decided to heavily invest in our…

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A metric that matters (quality of hire)

A metric that matters: quality of hire

Every new hire that comes through your doors (or logs onto your Slack) is a big investment. It’s taken a lot of time and money to get them in front of that computer. Hiring costs go beyond salary and benefits: you’re looking at headhunters, promoted job ads, travel reimbursements for interviews, and time spent recruiting and interviewing. If the folks you’re hiring aren’t a perfect 10 then not only did all that time and money go down the toilet, but you’re going to be spending even more on your next…

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How HR leaders create a code of conduct - Code-of-conduct-Blog-post.png

How HR leaders create a code of conduct

Society is undergoing a period of introspection and breaking down barriers that prevent cultural understanding—and the modern workplace is leading the charge. According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer, people are looking to their employers to implement positive changes and respond to inequality, discrimination, and harassment. HR leaders have the tools to promote an inclusive, diverse, and healthy work culture in partnership with other stakeholders. By moving the dial, HR can impact not just an organization and its employees, but society at large.  One of the ways that HR leaders…

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A metric that matters (absenteeism rate)

Measuring absenteeism rates and their impact

Whether they’re turning on their laptops while WFH or sliding into their desk chairs in the office, for employees to be productive they have to show up. That’s why absenteeism rates can be a make-or-break metric for your workplace. Absenteeism is the HR term for “not coming to work when you’re not sick or on holiday.” Measuring an organization’s absenteeism rate is an excellent way to temperature-check engagement and culture health. Let’s learn about: How to measure absenteeism ratesWhat causes absenteeismConsequence of absenteeismHow to mitigate high absenteeism rates How to…

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Scaling company culture tips - Grow-big-and-strong-Blog-post.png

Scaling company culture tips

We’re advocates for building company culture early—the sooner the better. But we’re also advocates for revising as your company grows and develops. Company culture isn’t something that should be stagnant: just as people change with time, so do their values. What seemed appropriate two years ago might not align with your values today; what you’ve learned about other cultures and organizations might push you to make big changes. What we’re saying is, as your company scales, your culture should adapt. We checked in with HR experts about their advice for…

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6 tips for defining the new normal from CHROs - The-new-normal-is-here-Blog-post.png

6 tips for defining the new normal from CHROs

We’re learning to fly the plane while it’s in the air. That means lots of imposter syndrome for HR leaders: lots of scrambling, lots of hoping to do the right thing. The only thing we can do now is try to keep calm and make decisions that we’ll be proud of in a year. We’re not alone, something that’s important to remember: every HR leader at every company all over the world is dealing with these struggles too. To get a better idea of what others are doing and how…

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A metric that matters (career path ratio)

Metrics that matter: what does career path ratio mean?

Here are a few things we know about talent management: Recruiting is expensive Replacing employees is expensive Hiring senior talent is very expensive And here are some things we know about retention: Increased retention is correlated with increased profitability Low retention is a warning sign of toxic culture Promoting from within promotes engagement and retention Hiring from within is a proven engagement-boosting, retention-increasing, cost-cutting practice. From the moment an employee is hired, their manager should be invested in their positive trajectory, helping them grow not only as a professional but…

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Working from home productively with Hibob Chief People Officer Nirit Peled Muntz - HR-leader-Nirit-_-Blog-img.png

Working from home productively with Hibob Chief People Officer Nirit Peled Muntz

When your team goes remote overnight, how do you rebuild communication practices and protocols to keep people productive, informed, and safe? Nirit Peled Muntz, Hibob’s CPO, sat down with us to share a bit of the Hibob journey towards remote work and creating a sustainable hybrid remote work model. Read on for the secrets to keeping employees productive, aligned, and secure. Hibob: What are you doing to keep your team engaged and motivated right now? Nirit Peled Muntz: At Hibob currently all employees are working from home, so we have…

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How to convince stakeholders to support diverse recruitment efforts - diversity-wins-_-Blog-img.png

How to convince stakeholders to support diverse recruitment efforts

The financial benefits of diverse recruitment can be quantified. How about the cost? Let’s start with your budget set aside for recruiting underrepresented minorities. How much of your recruiting budget is dedicated to that mission? If the answer is zero then not only do you have a culture problem, you’re hurting your business’ bottom line.Let’s look at diversity and inclusion-oriented recruiting by the numbers: the value of diversity to employees + benefits of inclusion-oriented recruitment, and how to present the business case for diverse recruiting. Quantifying the importance of diverse…

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3 tips for recovering from Zoom fatigue - recovering-from-zoom-fatigue-_-Blog-img.png

3 tips for recovering from Zoom fatigue

“Zoom fatigue:” it’s real. We all know that frustrating exhaustion that hits at the end of a long video call (or maybe even in the middle), making you feel like you just put your personality in a blender and forgot it was there for the last hour or two.If video calls are making you exhausted more than usual then you might be falling prey to Zoom fatigue, the mental exhaustion associated with online video conferencing. Now that so many of us are working from home full-time, this exhausting phenomenon is…

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