Company culture is the backbone of a company. A positive culture can boost employee happiness, collaboration, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. But a negative culture can wreak havoc by increasing employee turnover and decreasing motivation. 

So how do you create an exceptional company culture? Here are our four tips.

Make your employees feel valued and appreciated 

People want to feel valued by their company and appreciated for all of their hard work. Not only does being appreciated feel good, but it is also a proven way to increase employee retention. One of our favorite ways to show employee appreciation is by gift-giving. If you’re only giving gifts to your employees during the holidays, you’re doing it wrong. At Snappy, we believe in appreciation year-round.

Birthdays, work anniversaries (one year anniversaries count too), big life events, and doing a fantastic job all deserve a gift. You can even give new hires a gift during their onboarding to help alleviate some of the stress of starting a new job. Gift-giving is the perfect way to give your employees the recognition they deserve and remind them you care. 

Have a clear mission statement and company values

Having a clear mission statement and company values will help create an exceptional company culture where everyone is on the same page. One bad apple can spoil the bunch. By understanding the mission and values of your company, it will be easier to hire people with the right attitude and know which ones to let go.

Our mission, for example, is to make people smile with fun gifts. By knowing our mission, it’s easy for our employees to work together to achieve it. We also recently sent out an employee handbook detailing our company values and what they mean to us. For example, our values are to be endlessly positive, always fearless, inherently humble, and truly passionate. By describing our company values to the team, it makes it super easy for everyone to act according to them. 

Make work fun

Happy employees mean happy customers. Keep your employees happy by making work a fun place to be. 

A few ways we try to make work fun is by providing in-office massages, happy hours, catered lunches, and fun team activities such as taking a pizza-making class! We also offer “Summer Fridays” one Friday of every month of the year… not just during the summer. We’ve found that when employees enjoy their job, it leads to a happier and more productive team overall. 

Build a sense of community 

Building a community where all employees work together to elevate the company and grow professionally is another great way to boost company culture. A few ways to build a sense of community is by offering team mixers, having an open-door policy, promoting collaboration, and encouraging employees to learn about each other on a personal level.

We recently introduced “lunch mixers” as a fun way to build our team community. Every week, we divide the company into groups of four people, and each group goes out to lunch at a different place on the company’s expense. This allows people from across the organization, no matter where they sit or which department they work in, to connect and get to know each other. Our lunch mixers have shown incredible results so far, creating an atmosphere where team members love being around each other. We also do a “Snappy hour presentation” every week, where one person from the team does a presentation about their personal life. This way everyone gets to know and learn about each other, and it brings a fresh spirit to the workplace.

Improving your company culture by making employees feel appreciated, building a sense of community, having a clear company mission statement and values, and making work fun – you’ll surely bring a wave of positivity to your office. Not only will your employees be happier, but they will also be more motivated and stick around longer. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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From Ciara Appelbaum

Ciara is the Marketing Manager at Snappy. She loves traveling, writing, and making people smile. Snappy is an employee recognition program that is reinventing the way companies recognize and reward their team members with personalized and joyful gifts.